Pineapple Slices

Name: Pineapple Slices Brewer: New England Brewing Co, Uralla, New South Wales Type of beer: American IPA Alcohol: 6% ABV Loads of pineapple both in aroma and flavour, without being overly sweet like some other pineapple-focused beers. The level of hops is well balanced with tropical fruit. A creamy, juicy mouthfeel that teeters close to... Continue Reading →


Name: Taco Brewer: Two Birds Brewing, Spotswood, Victoria Type of beer: Ale Alcohol: 5.2% ABV Exactly what it says on the label – hoppy, zesty ale with coriander, lime and corn. Corriander is the main star in this Mexican mouthful, which is beautifully complemented with hops and lime flavours. Can’t find a bottling date on... Continue Reading →

Brett and Butter

Name: Brett and Butter Brewer: TO0L, Kobenhavn, Denmark Type of beer: Table Beer Alcohol: 3.6% ABV I have tasted many a beer in my time, but this is my first “Table Beer” to date. It is super non-offensive and easy to drink at just 3.6%. I’m getting just a very subtle Brett Funk (almost non-existant)... Continue Reading →


Name: Saison Brewer: La Sirene Brewing, Melbourne, Victoria Type of beer: Saison/ Farmhouse Ale Alcohol: 6.5% ABV This is a fantastic Saison! Easy drinking with a slight sour tang, dominant fruity notes and a dry finish. I could smash these all day long. Wish I had another… Low carbonation, but that doesn’t take away from... Continue Reading →


Name: Gold Brewer: Wildflower Brewing and Blending, Marrickville, New South Wales Type of beer: Australian Wild Ale Alcohol: 5% ABV Pours a vibrant golden straw colour with very little carbonation. It has a very subtle sourness that makes for a very easy-drinking and refreshing ale.


Name: IRA Brewer: Little Bang Brewing Co, Stepney, South Australia Type of beer: India Red Ale Alcohol: 6% ABV Pours a beautiful caramel colour. Moderately carbonated with a HUGE bitterness, yet it’s not overpowering. Slightly boozy taste with dank bitter pineapple and pinecone notes. A bit weird to start with, but definitely grows on me... Continue Reading →

Megahop Sauce

Name: Megahop Sauce Brewer: Sauce Brewing, Merickville, New South Wales Type of beer: DIPA Alcohol: 8.3% ABV This bad boy has mega hop bitterness that is balanced well with a rich malty backbone and a sweet finish.


Name: Temptress Brewer: Holgate Brewhouse, Woodend, Victoria Type of beer: Chocolate Porter Alcohol: 6% ABV Pours an oily blackness in the glass with a thin brown head. Choc-full (pun intended) of roasty chocolate and vanilla flavours with a silk mouthfeel. This is a classic porter style from Holgate.

Mmmm… Donuts (Jam Edition)

Name: Mmmm… Donuts (Jam Edition) Brewer: Bacchus Brewing Co Type of beer: Specialty Grain Beer Alcohol: 6.9% ABV From aroma to taste, this beer does not disappoint. Full on cinnamon jam donut on the palate without losing any bitterness. Sweet and dessert-like. I feel guilty that I’m drinking this before dinner…

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