Majestic Leopard

Name: Majestic Leopard Brewer: Modus Operandi, Monavale, New South Wales Type of beer: Hazy Session Pale Alcohol: 5% ABV A tone of tropical fruity hop aroma on opening left me excited to taste, but sadly that intensity of the aroma didn’t translate in the flavour. Don’t get me wrong, this is a nice tasting beer,... Continue Reading →

Juice junkie

Name: Juice junkie Brewer: Brussels Beer Project in collaboration with Weird Beard Brew Co Type of beer: NEIPA Alcohol: 6.3% Hi, my name is craftypepys and I have a problem. I think I’m addicted to the juice. Yep, I’m a Juice Junkie. This collab NEIPA from Brussels Beer Project and Weird Beard Brew Co is... Continue Reading →

Oude Geuze

Name: Oude Geuze Brewer: Brouweru 3 Fonteinen Type of beer: Lambic Gueuze Alcohol: 6% ABV A blend of one, two and three-year-old Lambics, this one is fantastic and mouth-puckeringly sour. It pulls this off without being overly acidic. It pours a golden/amberish hue in the glass with a slight yeasty sediment present. This is meant... Continue Reading →

Ksour Jaf

Name: Ksour Jaf Brewer: Bacchus Brewing Co Type of beer: Sour NEIPA Alcohol: 7.5% ABV Hazy AF on the pour. All the tropical fruits you’d expect from a NEIPA (prominently pineapple and citrus). This is mixed with a solid sourness, At less than a month old, this is tasting terrific.

The Hive

Name: The Hive Brewer: New England Brewing Co Type of beer: Witbier Alcohol: 4.5% ABV A nice, pleasant twist on the Witbier style. According to the can, fresh stringybark is the key to that. Honey and bitter sweet bee pollen have been added for an extra twist. Without having over-the-top sweetness from the honey. This... Continue Reading →


Name: Cheviot Brewer: Mornington Peninsula Brewery Type of beer: Belgian Triple Alcohol: 9.5% ABV I needed this today after a big day at work. A strong Belgian Triple which has a certain Nana-put-too-much-booze-in-the-fruit-cake taste about it. But in a good way. Super smooth for 9.5% and has a subtle spiciness that lingers just a little.

Steam Funk – Boysen Blue Berliner

Name: Steam Funk – Boysen Blue Berliner Brewer: Deep Creek Brewing Co Type of beer: Sour Berline Weisse Alcohol: 4.5% ABV Pours an amazingly purple-red colour with a pink head that dissipates quickly. Beautiful sweet boysenberry and blueberry flavours shine through with a subtle sourness. Nice and clean, crisp and dry with a tarty finish.... Continue Reading →

Modus Operandi (Modus Vivendi)

Name: Modus Operandi (Modus Vivendi) Brewer: The Wild Beer Co Type of beer: Sour/Flanders Red Ale Alcohol: 7% ABV This is a great example of a nice Flanders Red Ale. Beautiful barrel-aged complexities or red wine and bourbon. Full bodied, rich, dark and full of dark fruit, berry and cherry flavours. One of the nicest... Continue Reading →

Santa Gose F&#% It All

Name: Santa Gose F&#% It All Brewer: TO0L Type of beer: Sour Gose Alcohol: 4% ABV Bam! A tropical fruit bomb just exploded in my mouth! Great combination of passionfruit, guava and mango mixed with subtly moderate sourness and plenty of Brett funk on the nose. This tastes F&#%ing fantastic, as does most of the... Continue Reading →

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