Jasmine IPA

Name: Jasmine IPA Brewer: Pasteur Street Brewing Company Type of beer: American IPA Alcohol: 6.5% ABV A very “Meh” beer that is pretty non-offensive on every front. It has a mild hop flavour with very subtle Jasmine and is just kinda there on the palate. Nothing screams “Wow!” but maybe that’s just how it’s intended... Continue Reading →

Australian Psycho

Name: Australian Psycho Brewer: Ballistic Beer Type of beer: Alcohol: 6.5% ABV Fresh AF canned just a few days ago, The label says a bucketload of Aussie hops in the kettle, then dry hopped (twice!) with over 1 ½ kilos of hops per hectolitre! The result is a ballsy bitterness that tastes much higher than... Continue Reading →

Mooi and Meedogenloos

Name: Mooi and Meedogenloos Brewer: Brouweru De Molen Type of beer: Imperial Stout Alcohol: 10.2% A little strange, but I like it! Combining Belgian Quad and Imperial Stout, makes for very interesting consumption. Sweet and subtle spicy characteristics of a Quad, yet chocolatey and roasty like an Impy stout. Strong aroma and flavour impart rich... Continue Reading →

Dark Red IPA

Name: Dark Red IPA Brewer: Six String Brewing Company Type of beer: American IPA Alcohol: 6% ABV You are immediately hit with big tropical citrus hops on the nose, but this is balanced well by a sizeable malty backbone. This dark red IPA is moderately sweet, yet packs a powerful bitterness through the finish.

Solar Flare

Name: Solar Flare Brewer: Epic Brewing Company Type of beer: NZ Pale Ale Alcohol: 4.8% ABV This is an extremely pale ale, with just a slight yellow tinge to it. This is the perfect summer beer to “eat in the sun”. It is a little thin tasting, but has subtle citrusy, hoppy and grassy flavours... Continue Reading →

Lupulin Effect

Name: Lupulin Effect Brewer: Deep Creek Brewing Co Type of beer: White IPA Alcohol: 6.3% ABV Slightly hazy in the glass with sweet aromatics of grapefruit and citrus. There is plenty of bitterness afoot thanks to hop varieties such as Cascade, Amarillo, and Nelson Sauvin. This could be mistaken for an imperial lager with an... Continue Reading →

Keller Door: Juiced Up Extra Summer Ale

Name: Keller Door: Juiced Up Extra Summer Ale Brewer: 4 Pines Brewing Type of beer: NEIPA Alcohol: 6.3% ABV This is jam-packed full of fruit but surprisingly, it doesn’t pour or appear like your typical NEIPA. While there’s no cloudy appearance, it’s juicy nonetheless. There are citrus and fruity flavours aplenty, but it just lacks... Continue Reading →

Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road

Name: Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road Brewer: Bacchus Brewing Co Type of beer: Specialty Grain Alcohol: 8.4% ABV Exactly what it says on the bottle – “Darryl-Lea Rocky Road in a glass.” Raspberry, marshmallow, chocolate and peanut flavours create a sweet and rich with a creamy mouthfeel that lingers just that little bit longer on... Continue Reading →

Saison D’Entrecasteaux

Name: Saison D’Entrecasteaux Brewer: Bruny Island Beer Co Type of beer: Saison/Farmhouse Ale Alcohol: 6.5% ABV Wow! What a fantastic and complex saison. I can literally smell the farmhouse aromas and feel like I’m lying in a soft bale of hay. Slightly sour, earthy and funky AF, there are subtle notes of pear and citrus... Continue Reading →

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